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Good asian dramas

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Good asian dramas
Good asian dramas
Good asian dramas

In Asian dramas, just like in cosmetics, there is more than Korea to love. I am usually more a fan of historical Chinese dramas, but I need to admit that I noticed a big improvement in the quality of all Chinese dramas in general. A few years ago, every good drama from Good asian dramas was most certainly coming from Taiwan, and movies were from Hong Kong, as both locations were a bit of the Chinese Hollywood. Chinese Modern dramas meaning set in the modern days are usually longer that Korean ones, I would say an average of 30 episodes versus 16 for Korean dramas, which for me is rather a weakness as longer dramas tend to drag a bit. Just like in Korean dramas, the main female lead is usually your sweet and naive asian tit milking next door, with a few notable good asian dramas of strong modern working women. Just like in Korean dramas, there is a lot of eye-candy going on, and I admit that some actors such as Wallace HuoHawick Lau or Hu Ge totally good asian dramas my heart, but the female leads are equally beautiful and refined.
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Good asian dramas
Good asian dramas
Good asian dramas
Good asian dramas

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